If you're tired of small keyboards and autocorrect mistakes, the Microth team is bringing the solution for you. With KeyZag Keybord it doesn't matter if you have low vision, motoric problems or fingers too big for your screen. This innovating floating keyboard includes keys and symbols contained in big circles that changes its size perfectly to fit any orientation and makes typing so much relaxing and easy.
You just see the important keys in your screen (letters), and to activate the hidden symbols and emoticons you just have to swipe up, down, left or right depending on what you want to write... it sounds easy becouse it's so easy, that's why it is so good.
Choose between five different themes that are based on the size of your smartphone screen, and choose your alphabet too: Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Hindi are all supported in this app.
Start today making typing on your smartphone a real easy and natural task for a really affordable price (FREE!).
Download it here and start enjoying this useful app today... We also did!